Ka-Chi is a good place to go for both fast and authentic Korean food. Additionally, the restaurant is located conveniently in Chinatown. There is a total of three different ones and they are all downtown.

My friends and I got to Ka-Chi, and were seated immediately. The server brought over the water and complimentary bachan (kimchi, cucumbers, tofu, seaweed,  potatoes and glass noodles).

Many of the Korean restaurants that I have been to doesn't offer glass noodles as bachan so this was a nice change, The glass noodles were delicious and I asked for 3x the refills of it.

I have been to this specific Ka-Chi location on several occasions and have always found the service efficient. The servers are friendly, courteous and are quick to refill appetizer requests. Below are my reviews of the dishes that I have ordered at Ka-Chi.

I ordered the Ka-Chi's spicy BBQ ribs (grilled marinated beef ribs with Ka Chi's sweet & spicy sauce) ($12.95). The ribs were well marinated, and had a lot of flavor. I thought that the portions were pretty generous and I thoroughly enjoyed my dish. This dish is a personal favorite of mine.

The pork bone soup came with a drink; with coke ($7.75) or nestea ($8.00). There were a lot of meat on the pork bones, but there was an overwhelming amounts of bean sprouts atop of the bowl. I like my pork bone soup spicy, and found that the one here is a little too mild. Although a little too mild for me, it was still tasty.

Ka-Chi also offers several lunch specials which I believe are only available until 3:00 pm. On another visit, I ordered the galbi (marinated beef) lunch special ($8.95) and an order of spicy salmon roll ($5.95) on the side.

The lunch special came with galbi pieces, steamed rice, four pieces of maki, salad, seaweed, and miso soup. For the amounts of food; it was a good value.

The spicy beef stew with vegetables ($7.50) would be a healthier alternative to the pork bone soup. Overall, this specific dish was hearty, spicy and had a good amount of glass noodles in it.

The menu also provided other selections of Korean dishes, and they are within the range of $6.99 to $14.00. I'd definitely recommend Ka-Chi for its affordable prices, well portioned dishes, and the food was also good.


Quality of Food: 4.4/5
Service: 4.3/5
Overall Dining Experience: 4.3/5
Price: $

Address: 8 St Andrew St, Toronto, ON, M5T2G4

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